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Date: 2018-02-18 14:27

OK, never mind. I 8767 m new to all this so sorry for the lack of knowledge. (this is my first PC/laptop).
For others that are stuck (I have windows by the way) this is what I did:
After extracting the first file ONLY, number 6 looks like this 8775 8776 (yes i 8767 m going back to the beginning) You will have a folder, open it and mount the 8775 MDS File 8776 with 8775 DAEMON Tools lite 8776 or any other program like it, you can download it for free on the internet used for loading programs as if you had the actual CD in your PC, or something like that.
I went ahead and used the installer unlike 8775 Horagen 8776 (above) method, the installer will be in Japanese, the top left button is the install button, not sure if this is necessary but I changed the install from 8775 C/program files 8776 to 8775 C/Games 8776 . THEN I installed. It shouldn 8767 t be hard to tell where the install directory window/section is in the installer window.
I clicked on the 8775 Bunny 8776 application to see if the game works beforehand, it did for me and yes it 8767 s in Japanese, close game, THEN I extracted 8775 BunnyBlack_eng_ 8776 file, (THIS IS WHERE I THINK I FUCKED UP ORIGINALLY), after extracting open english patch folder, put the English file in into the 8775 bunny 8776 folder that is located in 8775 C/Games 8776 AFTER YOU PUT IT INTO THE FOLDER CLICK ON THE 8775 Bunny Black English Patch 8776 FILE!! That file is some sort of installer in its self, you CAN 8767 T just drop it in there and then do the 8775 fix 8776 file next. AFTER the English file is done installing (it will take a while) then you can move onto the 8775 fix 8776 file.
At this point I clicked on the 8775 Bunny Black English Patch 8776 file to see if it will play, it won 8767 t, you will have to use the original 8775 Bunny 8776 application/file BUT it 8767 ll be in English this time, YEAY! If it 8767 s not then you fucked up somewhere or something else is fucking with you, anyways close game and extract the 8775 fix 8776 file, open folder and highlight EVERYTHING there and drag it into the 8775 bunny 8776 folder, as in, 8775 C/Games/bunny 8776 . Replace all files if it asks you, NOW you can wake your cock up and tell it to get ready because the game should be up and running as it should.
I doubt this will help all but if it helps some of you then, great, have fun. If not, sorry, my knowledge regarding this game stops here. Enjoy.

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